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Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at FACETS. Below are some available positions.

Programs Director

To apply for the Program Director position, please email Sheri Martel, Director of Operations, at employment@facetscares.org

Community Advocate at Barros Circle Community Center (Centreville)

To apply for the Community Advocate Position at Barros Circle, please email Bahira Parker, ECD Director, at bparker@facetscares.org

Families Case Manager for Homeless Prevention

To apply for the Case Manager Position, please email Phaedra Sampson, Families Program Director, at  psampson@facetscares.org

Intake and Rapid Exit Coordinator at Next Steps Alexandria Office

To apply for the Case Manager Position, please email Phaedra Sampson, Families Program Director, at psampson@facetscares.org