Donate Your Car

One of the biggest challenges that FACETS’ clients face is finding and retaining a good job that will support themselves and their families. One of the most significant barriers to their finding and keeping employment is that of unreliable transportation. Many people who enter our programs arrive with no car or have a car that soon breaks down and is not worth the cost of repairing. There is limited public transportation in Fairfax County and owning a car is often a real necessity for any family or individual. Besides transportation to work, many of our clients need reliable cars to transport their children to daycare, school, doctor’s appointments, etc.

FACETS accepts donations of used or new cars. In order to accept a vehicle, it must be:

-In working condition and without the need of major repairs;

-Owned by the donor (including title and registration);

-Current on all safety and emissions inspections;

-Located in the Washington D.C.-metropolitan area; and

-Driven to the FACETS office when the donation is made.

If your car fits the above requirements, please reach out to Tessa Robinette, Development Coordinator, at You will not only help a person or family become more self-sufficient, but you will also be able to file a tax deduction. Please speak with your tax adviser to learn how a car donation to FACETS can benefit you.