Make a Summer Gift: Hunger has no season

June 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Fall brings an incredible bounty of Thanksgiving items for our clients. Winter brings gifts and donations to help our homeless neighbors battle the long cold nights and holiday gifts brings smiles to tiny faces.  Summer, sadly, is often forgotten amidst vacation plans and sunny days.

Your gift to FACETS this summer is the gift of home for a man living in the woods, batting at mosquitos and seeking shelter from the burning sun, his throat parched from the heat. You make it possible for him to move into a room of his own, with the support of a Case Manager that will help him open the door to a bright future.

Perhaps your summer gift will touch the life of a family, living in poverty in the Route 1 corridor…the poorest part of our County. You will be there for that single mom and her little children as they side step the heart-wrenching hole that is eviction and with the help of their FACETS case manager, get back on their feet. Her tiny children may never know how close they were to homelessness because of your generous summer gift. Mom will though, and she will be deeply grateful for the rest of her life, for that moment when her life and the lives of her children changed for the better, because you cared.

You can change the world this summer, the world of a child at one of our community centers. You see, for these children, summer is far from a fun vacation time. With parents working and without the free lunch and snacks that they receive during the school year, summer is long and often scary. Your summer gift to FACETS is a bright, cool place to play, learn and grow with neighborhood pals and staff who truly care. It’s knowing that lunch and snacks are there when tummies rumble. It’s happy summer memories that will last a lifetime… it’s all there in your summer gift to FACETS.

Your gift this summer is the gift of “yes!”  It’s the gift of “I see you” not “I look away” and of “hope” when so many see “hopeless.”

Will you help? Our neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty and hunger thank you.


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