Make sure there’s a meal on EVERY table this holiday season

November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Please help the families and individuals we serve enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner this holiday season by donating a basket of non-perishable food and a $25 grocery store gift card (so the recipient may purchase the perishable items need to complete their meal). Please drop off your donations of Thanksgiving food baskets and gift cards by Friday, November 16th. Donations will be accepted at FACETS’ main office (10640 Page Avenue, Suite 300 Fairfax VA 22030) between 9AM – 5PM. Due to storage limitations, we are not able to accept perishable items.

Non-perishable Food Donations
2 cans of assorted vegetables (e.g., green beans, corn etc.)
 2 cans or bags of beans (e.g., black, red, lentils, chick peas etc.)
 2 boxes of pasta
 2 cans or jars of tomato sauce
 1 box or small bag of white rice
 1 box of bread or muffin mix
 1 large bottle fruit juice
 1 $25 grocery store gift card (Giant, Safeway, Walmart etc.)
 1 bottle of olive oil or vegetable oil
 1 box or can of coffee, tea, or cocoa
 1 bag of potatoes
 1 container of oatmeal
 1 small bag of sugar
 1 small bag of wheat flour
 1 container of salt and 1 container pepper

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