Success Story

From Pakistan to Home in Virginia

“I, Awais, want to share my success story with you in my own words. First of all, I want to let you know about me and my family and give you brief details how and when we came into United States. I came into USA along with my wife and son in 2021 in the month of August on Immigrant Visa from Pakistan. The day we landed into States was very special for my family because everyone knows that USA is called land of opportunities, and we have the same feelings that we are going to make better quality of lives for our children. That day was bit hectic as well because of longer flight hours, and additionally my wife was pregnant with our second baby. I came into Virginia and for first few weeks stayed in one of the motel in city of Falls Church, meanwhile looking for better accommodation options.

In the month of September 2021, we got shared basement room through Craigslist listing and we moved quickly without any second thought because the motel room daily charges were too high. At the time of check-in to the basement room landlord promised us that he will arrange kitchen facilities but later, he denied. That was the first episode of hardships that all immigrant families face, but me and my wife just started trying to manage because I was worried about my 1.5 year-old son and pregnant wife who was going to give birth to newborn in the month of October 2021. God blessed me with a baby girl on 10-08-2021 and I started looking for job. I got nights, working hours at nearby 7-Eleven. Our landlord was not cooperative and kept on demanding to increase monthly rent from $1000 to $1,500 per month just for one small bedroom in basement, without a kitchen, because of the new addition in our household. He was well aware that I couldn’t go anywhere at this situation and winter already about to start.

That was the time I visited the Fairfax office and asked for rental assistance. They directed me to Coordinated Services Planning help line, and eventually I came to FACETS. Miss Paula was the first one from FACETS team who contacted me and gave me so much support and positive vibes in that scenario. She helped with all arrangements for our relocation to temporary shelter in the month of November 2021.

Thanksgiving Day was the first day when I met first time with my Case Manger, Anita. She came to our room with a shopping gift card with her humble smiling face, and after that we had continuous meetings and follow-up calls. She is the one introduced me to rapid housing support, as well as employment-finding opportunities. I tried to be efficient and punctual on providing any documentation requested by my case manager, and eventually we got beautiful place to live and got employed. I want to thank the FACETS team and kindhearted people like Anita for giving me chance to be stable, financially and mentall. These days I am working hard for me and my family and have hope that everything will be right one day. Looking forward for continuous support of FACETS.”

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