& Shelter

At FACETS, we take a Housing First approach: quickly connecting people to permanent housing without preconditions or barriers to entry. We believe safe, stable housing is the best way to support people in pursuing their personal goals and help them improve the quality of their own life.

Locally, anyone who is experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness should first contact the Fairfax County Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) at (703) 222-0880. They will then be put in touch with our services. Here they will speak to someone who can better assess their needs and refer them to FACETS.

Our Services

  • Families

    In Fairfax County, the majority of people who are homeless are in working families with children. Our Next Steps Family Shelter offers 17 apartment units to families experiencing homelessness. Clients are assigned to trained case managers who connect them with services to prepare them to become self-sufficient. This includes assistance with obtaining housing vouchers, financial coaching to secure employment, connecting parents with childcare, and more.

  • Individuals

    We provide shelter and services for single unhoused adults in Region 4 of Fairfax County. Individuals are matched with a case manager who offers support with securing housing, as well as connecting them with necessary services and resources. During the colder months, we also operate hypothermia centers in partnership with faith communities where single adults are welcome to stay the night and provided with breakfast and dinner.

  • Street Outreach

    While only housing ends homelessness, we have found that street outreach saves lives. FACETS’ outreach teams take to the streets, woods, and tent cities to search out our unhoused neighbors and connect them with shelter, emergency services, and basic necessities.

FACETS staff provide case management and support services,
aligned with three overarching goals:

To welcome all those who need help with safety, respect, and community

To offer support in all aspects of wellness: from physical and emotional to life skills and economic

To move people out of crisis and help them end the cycle of poverty

“The tangible impact is incredible. Building relationships with the community in such a direct way just lets me feel like my day was productive and fulfilling.”

— Aditya Narayan, FACETS Volunteer