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Annandale Opportunity Neighborhood

FACETS is the backbone agency for the Fairfax County Opportunity Neighborhood program in Annandale. The Annandale Opportunity Neighborhood will focus resources in two areas of Annandale with child poverty rates over 35%.

The goal of Opportunity Neighborhoods is to improve outcomes for low-income youth. The Annandale Opportunity Neighborhood will work to ensure support services and resources are in place from quality pre-school to teen job-training programs for the children in two identified neighborhoods in the 22003 zip code. FACETS’  recognizes that children will have difficulty thriving if their parents are struggling, so the Opportunity Neighborhood takes a two-generational approach to services.

Annandale Opportunity Neighborhood program will:
• identify gaps in services
• bring low-income residents together to prioritize their needs
• help community members, faith communities, schools, businesses, and county agencies work together to fill the gaps

Whether it is in areas of health, being ready and prepared for school, feeling safe in our homes and community, or having a plan for graduation and beyond—Opportunity Neighborhood helps the community identify priorities and work together toward that change.

The Annandale Opportunity Neighborhood is now at the planning phase. If you would like to learn more or become involved as a community partner, a volunteer, or a Neighborhood Ambassador, contact us!

Introduction to Annandale Opportunity Neighborhoods Video

For more information, contact:
Terry Shuping Angelotti
Strategy Director, Annandale Opportunity Neighborhood

To volunteer, contact:
Suzanne Hough
FACETS Volunteer Manager

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