From the first Sunday after Thanksgiving through April 1, FACETS takes the lead in coordinating with local faith communities to set up shelters in their house of worship to open their doors for a week at a time to anyone who needs a warm place to stay during the coldest nights of the year. Church volunteers are supported by FACETS Case Managers and staff who are onsite every night to connect guests with vital resources and services.

Last Hypo season, we partnered with more than 50 faith communities, and countless other volunteers, organizations, and corporate partners. For more information regarding Hypothermia Prevention locations, please reach out to Hypothermia Site Coordinator Dayatra Spalding at or call 703-352-5090.


“The tangible impact is incredible. Building relationships with the community in such a direct way just lets me feel like my day was productive and fulfilling.”

— Aditya Narayan, FACETS Volunteer

Volunteering that makeS A difference

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