Success Story

Overcoming A Notice of Eviction

Imagine waking up to find a Notice of Eviction posted on your door, with no idea what to do except go to court and accept your fate of being evicted. Miguel, his wife, their newborn child, and his elderly parents faced this exact nightmare.

Miguel and his father just started their new construction job, but the family owed over 4 months of unpaid rent. As Miguel and his father went to court in late March with no representation, they were scared of what would happen next to their family. They had nowhere to go once they were kicked out of their home. That’s when Miguel met Ken from FACETS.

FACETS knows that eviction prevention services disrupt the destructive cycle of homelessness before it begins. We work with each client to create individualized plans that include utilizing their own resources and supports to avoid eviction. To keep families and individuals housed, our staff and case managers will speak with landlords on behalf of clients, negotiate leases, and provide one-time or temporary financial assistance to help with application fees, security deposits, and other costs associated with housing.

Ken took the time to talk to Miguel and understand their unique situation. Afterwards, Ken helped them start the process of applying for rental assistance – working to connect the family, the courts, and the landlord to make sure this family would not be evicted.

When the news came, there were tears of relief in Miguel’s eyes. His family would be able to stay in their house through temporary financial assistance, thanks to FACETS. As Miguel and his father worked to rebuild their savings, Ken assisted with budgeting and financial planning to prevent this from ever happening again and help them build a stronger future.

With your continued support, we are able to help more families like Miguel’s from ever experiencing the nightmare of homelessness. As our work uplifts our neighbors, it uplifts all of Fairfax to make a better and stronger future for all.

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