Success Story

A New Start Thanks to Next Steps

Nicole came to the Next Steps office after relocating back home to Northern Virginia with her two young children. She had recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and had found a new job in the DC area. But when her start date was delayed for several months, she ran through all of her savings. Nicole found herself needing an extra hand, and she found that help at Next Steps.

Nicole was swiftly paired with one of our Case Managers, Roger, and they went to work to get her family back into a home. The first step was to get them into emergency shelter provided by FACETS. She worked hard to meet every goal she set with Roger. When they found an apartment, FACETS paid her deposit and first month’s rent. After arriving in Virginia in late November, Nicole and her daughters were able to celebrate the holidays in their very own apartment by Christmas. With FACETS’ help, her own positive attitude, and the determination to find a way for her kids, Nicole’s life is back on track.

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