Success Story

Volunteer Profile: June Fraim

“Emmanuel Lutheran Church (ELC) has three areas of focus: Homelessness, Helping struggling singles and families, and Housing. The Hypothermia Program lets ELC provide service in each of these areas in many different and fulfilling ways.  I have been a Hypothermia Leader since 2008. When the two church members gradually moved away from the Hypothermia Program at my church, I simply stepped into their positions. And I was blessed to have another church member, Jane Holtorf, take the lead with the food service side of the program for as long as I have been involved. As one of the thousands of folks living in Fairfax County who are not suffering the effects of poverty here, I want to help those who are. FACETS does that in so very many ways that it seems impossible to not be able to help others. I don’t think we are any more special or unique than all the other churches. But I am always proud that we step up.”

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